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Good To Go Fresh is an active member of the community and believes in lending a helping hand to those less fortunate than us. We donate any leftover food to the Pacific Garden Mission And St. Teresa of Avila Church's Food Pantry.


The Pacific Garden Mission is the oldest, continuously-operating rescue mission in the country. On an average night, over 500 homeless men, women, and children receive safe, clean, and warm shelter at the Mission. During the cold winter months, that number climbs well above 800. In addition to a clean, comfortable bed, Pacific Garden Mission also provides food and clothing, as well as medical and dental care, if needed. Everything is provided free of charge to all who enter “the doors that never close.” “The Old Lighthouse” continues to help those in need by providing over 60,000 meals, treating over 500 patients in their free clinic and distributing over 100,000 articles of clothing monthly. While they have never accepted even one cent of government funding, the Pacific Garden Mission is able to serve the homeless and needy through the generous support of caring people and companies like Good To Go Fresh.


The St. Teresa of Avila Food Pantry provides both meals and groceries to all who come to their door. The parish is a dependable food source for the needy in the community and distributes food the first, second, and fourth Saturday of each month. Good to Go Fresh donates and delivers any leftover product to St. Teresa’s.


To make a donation of food, clothing, or money, contact:


Pacific Garden Mission


646 South State Street

Chicago, IL 60605



St. Teresa of Avila Church


1037 West Armitage Avenue

Chicago, IL 60614



Phone: (312) 243-3170 | Fax: (312) 243-3179

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